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Different Machines Offered By CompanyA Fully Functional Bulk Water System

Invest in a bulk water system to ensure your customers have enough water on hand for their needs. At ePanel Plus LTD, we distribute equipment to businesses that provide bulk water to people who want to purchase large amounts of water. Normally, these people purchase water in increments of 100 gallons to 6,000 gallons on a regular basis. Some may be commercial haulers while others may be individuals who have a need at home.

Convenient Versatility

Our system provides portability or permanent positioning. It gives you the ability to pause the water flow so that you can reposition hoses and then restart it. In addition to water system design, we do replacement control systems, retrofits for obsolete controls, replacements for frozen and burst pipes in water load stations.

Vending Stations Include:

  • 4’ x 4’ x 8’, 12-Gauge (116 thick), Stainless Steel Tubing Skeleton
  • The Base is a 5’ X 7’ X 8” Concrete Base That Weighs about 3,500 Lbs.
  • The Control Panel is also Stainless Steel
  • The System Consists of an Industrial Computer (PLC) and a Video (HMI)
  • A 24V DC Power Supply Is Also Included

Complete Functionality

  • A 40-Amp breaker box with (2) 20-Amp breakers is installed for the incoming power. A hookup box is available on the outside of the cabinet for incoming power.
  • At your request and for your convenience, we can build your vending station for bottom fill or top fill. Additionally, we provide the approved air gap and a pressure gauge with the station. The EPA requires that all fill systems use an air gap, and that the station must be filled from the top of the tanker truck.
  • An oil heater that is connected to a 120-Volt thermostat is installed for the cold winter months. The heater and AC are connected to the proper thermostat and plugged in all the time. When the temperature reaches a preset degree, the thermostat will turn the power on. The outlets will reenergize if power is lost and recovered.
  • An outside security lamp is installed to turn on at dusk automatically.
  • The system can be equipped with a coin acceptor, bill acceptor, Credit Card Reader, all of these payment options, or any combination of them. Additionally, the system can accept customer codes if desired (requires the CRT screen to be external).
  • The system is programmed to begin closing the solenoid valve as it approaches the end of the cycle. This feature saves the valve from hammering, reducing the life of the valve.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for the bulk water vending station system we design and build for you. Based on your requirements, the cost of the 2” system is $25,000 and the 3” is $32,500.

A Complete Turnkey Project

Our company recently received approval for installation of its system that includes a portable bulk water vending station and a new air gap from the Ohio EPA, Southeast Region.