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Corrective Control Panel Repair

Extend the life of your existing water control system with control panel repair from ePanel Plus LTD. Our technicians are skilled at fixing old and obsolete water control panels. For older systems, we often have to repair frozen pipes, broken pipes, and components in addition to regular maintenance. Keep in mind that the water controls must meet the 2% lead content or less. Also you musy have an approved Air Gap distribution system. Bottom fill systems are obsolete and must use an Air Gap for top fill.

New Equipment for Optimum Performance

Restore the functionality of your water control system with a complete control panel installation. We replace and build your panel according to your existing setup. In fact, many of the main components of your existing equipment can be retrofitted to accommodate new systems.

Additionally, we update coin-operated machines to accept credit cards. We also set up controls to shut the valve before the end of the run to make sure your customers get the amount of water they paid for. The cost of our services and systems depend on the job, so contact us for more details.

ePanel Plus LTD currently have portable bulk water stations in Ashland, OH, Bucyrus, OH, Catiz, OH, and most recently in Wellston, OH. 

ePanel Plus LTD also has systems in many Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin areas.